Fwd: Development of precompiled shared libraries

Ramón García ramon.garcia.f+java at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 03:00:56 PDT 2008

I apologize for the delay in my answer.

This is a personal project with no academic purpose.

In my opinion I am prepared to perform this project. I have been
looking at the representation of objects for some time. But I am open
to any suggestions about smaller projects.

Best regards,


On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 5:22 PM, Karen Kinnear <Karen.Kinnear at sun.com> wrote:
> Ramon,
> Thank you for letting us know what project you are investigating.
> Could you possibly give us some context? Are you doing this for a project as
> part of a degree program?
> From your proposal I hear multiple significant goals and I suspect this may
> require multiple projects to achieve. You are right, there are many  issues
> and this is very complex.
> May I suggest that you might want to start with a smaller project to gain
> additional familiarity with things like the representation of Java objects
> so that you will have more context within which to propose design
> trade-offs?
> Let us know if you would be interested in fixing some bugs in related areas
> in order to give yourself more background and context.
> After getting up to speed on some related areas of vm technology, you might
> find it interesting to participate in some slightly larger projects that
> might help with partial steps towards some of these goals.
> thanks,
> Karen Kinnear
> Ramón García wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am developing support of precompiling libraries so that they can be
>> loaded faster by the JVM. There are many issues, and this looks like
>> very complex.
>> The purpose of this project is to enable to have Java code in such
>> representation so that it can be loaded as quickly as posible. Another
>> purpose is to save memory,
>> using a representation in files that is memory mapped, so that
>> different virtual machines share the memory used. This is similar to
>> the shared archive produced since Java 5, but general for any user
>> Java class instead of restricted to the bootclasses.
>> In addition to saving memory, this will encourage to use more than one
>> virtual machine for some tasks, making designs more robust by taking
>> advantadge of the operating system ability of process separation.
>> In the first stage, shared libraries will be compiled just in time
>> like now. In the future, shared libraries will contain precompiled
>> code.
>> I need your help. This task requries to touch the representation of
>> Java objects and I must share with you design decisions.
>> Ramon

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