Pls review 6898160 (S)

Paul Hohensee Paul.Hohensee at Sun.COM
Wed Nov 4 11:49:36 PST 2009

6898160: Need serviceability support for new vm argument type 'uint64_t'.

Webrev here

A new vm argument type, 'uint64_t', was added as part of 6887571.  The 
jdk library
code in jdk/share/native/sun/management/Flag.c that fetches all the vm 
product flags
throws an exception if it doesn't understand the type of an argument.  
The change
for 6887571 didn't include full serviceability support for uint64_t.

The fix is to add serviceability support for uint64_t.  In addition, if 
a flag has a type
unknown to the jdk library, we now assert in debug builds and ignore it 
in product
builds.  Thus, no jdk library change is necessary.

The failing test,


now passes.



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