Code Review for WeakReference leak in the Logging API (6942989)

David Holmes David.Holmes at
Thu Jun 10 18:08:10 PDT 2010

Hi Dan,

I'm surprised to see that the VM team "owns" this one :)

Daniel D. Daugherty said the following on 06/11/10 03:13:
> I need a couple of code reviews for my fix for the WeakReference leak
> in the Logging API. The webrev is relative to OpenJDK7, but the bug
> is escalated so the fix will be backported to the JDK6-Update train.
> That's why I need at least two code reviewers.
> Here is the URL for the webrev:

I looked at the code and I read the CR and I understand what you are 
doing - and in that sense it seems ok.

It does seem very complicated (but the logger management is complicated 
:( ).

I wonder about the performance implications of doing this search each 
time a logger is added? These types of cleanups are always a fine line 
between minimizing cleanup up on the main path, and ensuring too much 
garbage doesn't accumulate. I'm a little concerned this is a lot of 
clean up code (potentially) on the main path.


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