When will object change its native memory address?

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Mon Apr 23 06:19:46 PDT 2012


I am working on a project of visualizing the HotSpot Heap (similar to
GCSpy). The last thing I need is to be able to determine when any object
changes its native memory address. I know this is low level and VM
specific, but I need that information for HotSpot case.

I was searching the JLS and JVM spec but I didn't found an answer for my
question: When will object change is native memory address? It is clear
that as part of GC (especially copying algorithms) that could happen.
That's fine. But, are there any other circumstances when an object could
change its address? If there are when and why? I assume that HotSpot should
not move objects in memory except GC, but I have to be sure because I
didn't want to introduce indeterminism in my application.

Martin Skurla
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