RFR: 8079408: Reimplement TraceClassLoading, TraceClassUnloading, and TraceClassLoaderData with Unified Logging.

Coleen Phillimore coleen.phillimore at oracle.com
Fri Jan 8 23:54:14 UTC 2016

Hi, I have a bunch of comments that Ioi may have to help answer because 
I had some questions about how the logging output comes out.


I think these can be UL-ized with less lines.  There's no need to check 
if log_is_enabled here.

*!if (TraceClassLoaderData && Verbose&& class_loader() != NULL) {*
*!tty->print_cr("is_anonymous: %s", 
*!if (_log_is_enabled(Trace, classloaderdata)_&& class_loader() != NULL) {*
*!_outputStream* log = LogHandle(classloaderdata)::trace_stream(_);*
*+ log->print_cr("is_anonymous: %s", 

*!if (class_loader() != NULL) {*
*!tty->print_cr("is_anonymous: %s", 
*+ log_trace(classloaderdata)("is_anonymous: %s", 

What does this come out looking like?  It seems like it's going to have 
[classloaderdata] in front of every line printed.  I think this wants to 
be all one log line.

*+ outputStream* log = LogHandle(classloaderdata)::debug_stream();*
*+ log->print("create class loader data " INTPTR_FORMAT, p2i(cld));*
*+ log->print(" for instance " INTPTR_FORMAT " of %s", p2i((void 
*+ cld->loader_name());*
*+ *
*+ if (string.not_null()) {*
*+ log->print(": ");*
*+ java_lang_String::print(string(), log);*
*+ } *
[classloaderdata] create class loader data <address>
[classloaderdata]  for instance <addr> of some name
[classloaderdata] :
[classloaderdata] some string



You don't need to check log_is_enabled.  log_debug macro does that. 2 
instances in this file.

*+ if (log_is_enabled(Debug, classload)) {*
*+ log_debug(classload)("[Add main shared path (%s) %s]", 
(cpe->is_jar_file() ? "jar" : "dir"), name);*
*+ } *


Do you want this to come out with fewer lines?   Maybe the messages 
should be collected in a tempStream and printed out at the end? LIke in 
this file:

There's a bunch of tty->print's still in this function.

*+ Handle class_loader(loader_data->class_loader());*
*+ tty->print(" source: %s", class_loader->klass()->external_name()); *

This could be simplified avoiding the Handle, which is not needed.

*+ tty->print(" source: %s", 

Is the loader_data argument to print_loading_log simply the 
instanceKLass::_class_loader_data field?  In which case you can remove 
the argument and have:

*+ tty->print(" source: %s", class_loader()->klass()->external_name());

Obviously not to tty.


This one can be condensed also

*!if (_log_is_enabled(Info, classload)_) {*
*!_outputStream* log = LogHandle(classload)::info_stream(_);*
*+ log->print_cr("[Opened %s]", zip_entry->name());*


*+ log_info(classload)("[Opened %s]", zip_entry->name());


Yes, I think -verbose:class should be converted to UL.  Ioi's #2 in his 
previous mail.


The return value 'ret' isn't used.  Either return an error if it returns 
and error (what errors does it return?) or don't have 'ret'.


Test looks great to me!

  150         checkFor("[classload]", "java.lang.Object", "source:");
  151         checkFor("[classunload]", "[Unloading class");

Can this be:

  150         checkFor("[classload]", "java.lang.Object", "source:", "[classunload]", "[Unloading class");

To not start a new process?


On 1/8/16 2:10 AM, Max Ockner wrote:
> Hello,
> Please review this unified logging conversion for several related 
> flags in the class loading system.
> Bugs:
> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8079408 (classload, 
> classloaderdata)
> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8142506 (classunload)
> Webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~mockner/classload.01/
> Summary:
> There are two separate issues here. Originally Ioi and I began working 
> on these fixes in parallel, but eventually it became obvious that the 
> classload and classunload tags needed to be implemented together. This 
> change is a combination of Ioi's change for 8079408 and my change for 
> 8142506.
> (1) "-XX:+TraceClassLoading" ==> "-Xlog:classload=info"
> This flag is added to the alias table. More verbose logging exists at 
> level debug (one level of verbosity up from info)
> (2) "-XX:+TraceClassUnLoading" ==> "-Xlog:classunload=info"
> This flag is added to the alias table. More verbose logging exists at 
> level trace (converted from uses of WizardMode)
> (3) "-XX:+TraceClassLoaderData" ==> "-Xlog:classloaderdata=debug"
> The changes to TraceClassLoading and TraceClassUnloading also effected 
> the implementation of "-verbose:class"
> Tested with: jtreg runtime, runThese with "-Xlog:classload=trace 
> -Xlog:classunload=trace -Xlog:classloaderdata=trace".
> If you have questions about the updates to the classloading log, Ioi 
> can give a better answer than I can.
> Thanks,
> Max

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