RFR[9u-dev] 8130425: libjvm crash due to stack overflow in executables with 32k tbss/tdata

Martin Buchholz martinrb at google.com
Thu Jan 14 18:59:26 UTC 2016

The process grim reaper ends up being the first point of failure since
it tries not to waste the user's memory and it's in a core library,
but in principle it's not special.  I think a more general workaround
would be to add a hotspot flag that would add a memory safety zone to
all threads.  If it's known that TLS is stealing 32k from every
thread's stack, then the flag should ensure that every thread stack is
32k larger.

More generally, I was hoping that hotspot would ensure that the -Xss
size was available for actual java stack frames and OS overhead was
added on automatically, but that is hard to implement, so the best
alternative workaround is for users to be able to specify that
additional stack size padding.  Maybe -XX:StackSizeOverhead=32768 ?

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