Code review for jigsaw/jake -> jdk9/dev sync up

Chris Hegarty chris.hegarty at
Mon Nov 28 14:47:24 UTC 2016

On 24 Nov 2016, at 15:25, Alan Bateman <Alan.Bateman at> wrote:
> ...
> To get going, I've put the webrevs with a snapshot of the changes in jake here:

Overall this look very good. I ran through most of the changes in the jdk repo,
just a few small comments.

1)  typo element - > elementS

  38  * However, note that if a warning is suppressed in a {@code
  39  * module-info} file, the suppression applies to elementS within the
  40  * file and <em>not</em> to types contained within the module.

2) jartool
  Maybe concealedPackages should have a comment about its use ( it is
  used in the Validator, and not by Main at all ).

3) privateLookupIn
  It might be clearer if the third bullet used {@code lookup}, or 'caller lookup’, or ‘given lookup'?
  The CALLER lookup has the {@link Lookup#MODULE MODULE} lookup mode.

4) ServiceLoader
                                                {@code ExtendedCodecsFactory}
  111  * will be treated as a provider factory and {@code
  112  * ExtendedCodecsFactory.provider()} will be invoked to INSTANTIATE the
  113  * provider.

  Is 'instantiate' strictly true here? Should it simply be ‘return'

  206  *     <li> If a named module declares more than one provider then the providers
  207  *     are located in the order that they appear in the {@code provides} table of
  208  *     the {@code Module} class file attribute ({@code module-info.class}). </li>  

  Wow. I assume the JLS, or otherwise, will specify that the order in which the 
  providers are listed in the module-info be preserved, no? Maybe this item could
  mention that. The class file reference can still be kept, but seems a bit low-level
  for developers.


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