RFR(XS): 8193521: glibc wastes memory with default configuration

Doerr, Martin martin.doerr at sap.com
Fri Dec 15 12:31:42 UTC 2017

Hi Andrew,

that's correct. The mmaps I have observed affect virtual memory. Not all of the memory gets committed.
So there are basically 2 issues:
- virtual memory: Gets somewhat larger than needed. May be an issue for users with reduced ulimit, cloud applications in containers, embedded.
- physical memory: We're not wasting so much, but if the JVM handles all performance critical allocations by its own management, it should be worth saving.

Related to your earlier mail:
> This space may be useless to the JVM code but it may not be useless to
> other native code. If would be good if you could substantiate your claim
> that this memory really is 'useless' (to all JVM users). Will your
> proposed change damage performance for some users? If so then can we
> scope the potential for damage and agree it is acceptable?

We are testing the change and didn't see performance regressions, yet. But we have to run more benchmarks, especially with G1 (see mail from Thomas Schatzl). Large server tests will be interesting as well.

I can't really estimate the risk for native libs and I can understand the concern. Maybe it would be acceptable if the change gets switchable.

Best regards,

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On 15/12/17 10:39, Doerr, Martin wrote:
> The VM typically starts more than 20 threads even when only using
> java -version so we mmap several useless GB.

Also, I forgot to mention that it is not mmap calls per se that we need
to worry about but actual /physical commit/ of pages in the mmapped
region. We are not short of mappable address space and we don't incur
any significant cost by mapping the virtual address space we currently use.

I have no doubt your trace is showing a vmem page reservation rather
than a corresponding physical page commit. If the TLS regions mmapped in
your trace were really occupying several GBs of physical pages we would
already have done something about it.


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