RFR(M): 8197959: [TESTBUG] Some (App)CDS tests requires modification due to there removal of the Java EE and CORBA modules

Ioi Lam ioi.lam at oracle.com
Fri Apr 20 05:29:03 UTC 2018

Hi Calvin,

the changes look good. I have a few comments:

[1] I think "@modules java.compiler" be added to all tests that use 
javax/annotation, which is provided by the java.compiler module.

[2] CheckAnonymousClass.java:

I believe the old behavior was that when "--add-modules java.corba" was 
specified during dump time, some Lambda expressions were executed and 
thus some VM anonymous classes were loaded as a side effect.

With the new version, I don't think any Lambda expressions are executed 
during dump time (because the normal module bootstrap code has been very 
careful in avoiding Lambda). Therefore, the new version doesn't test the 
intended behavior.

The AnonVmClassesDuringDump.java test forces Lambda expressions to be 
executed during dump time (by using Java agents). Maybe the pattern 
matching in  CheckAnonymousClass.java can be moved inside 
AnonVmClassesDuringDump.java? Then, we can delete CheckAnonymousClass.java

[3] For this code:

+        CDSTestUtils.Result res = TestCommon.runWithModules(
+                                      prefix,
+ UPGRADEDMODS_DIR[upgradeModIdx].toString(),
+                                      MODS_DIR.toString(),
+                                      mid,
+                                      archiveClass, loaderName, 
"true"); // last 3 args passed to test
+        output = res.getOutput();
+        try {
+            output.shouldContain(expectedException);
+        } catch (Exception e) {
+            TestCommon.checkCommonExecExceptions(output, e);

    Is it because you don't care about the exit code? If so, you can do 

           .ifNoMappingFailure(out -> out.shouldContain(expectedException));

     Then you don't need to directly access the output.

- Ioi

On 4/18/18 3:32 PM, Calvin Cheung wrote:
> JBS: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8197959
> webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~ccheung/8197959/webrev.00/
> Fixing the affected CDS and AppCDS tests due to the removal of the 
> Java EE and CORBA modules.
> Also removing the unneeded helper classes.
> It passed hs-tier1 through tier3 tests.
> thanks,
> Calvin

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