Extend jcmd to java application level

Yasumasa Suenaga suenaga at oss.nttdata.com
Thu Oct 7 23:45:52 UTC 2021

Hi Denghui,

I think you can do it with combination of JVMTI.data_dump dcmd and 
DataDumpRequest event in JVMTI.

JVM(TM) Tool Interface 17.0.0 (oracle.com) 



On 2021/10/07 22:58, Denghui Dong wrote:
> Hi team,
> The `jcmd` command can be used to call some built-in diagnostic commands in vm.
> Can we consider extending it to the java layer like perf data, so that Java developers can
> customize their diagnostic commands and then call them through `jcmd`?
> One application scenario I can think of for this extension is that some statistical information
> may be collected in a java application. Triggering the output of this statistical information through
> the `jcmd` command seems to me relative to other mechanisms that trigger output (such as through
> an HTTP service, or periodic Printing) is more convenient.
> Any input is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Denghui Dong

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