<i18n dev> Status of Khmer support in Java

Cindy Conlin ConlinC at ldschurch.org
Thu Apr 16 14:09:00 PDT 2009

Hello all,
This article from the Khmer Open Source website gave me the impression that support for the Khmer writing system was added to Java 6.  http://www.khmeros.info/drupal/?q=en/node/1270

My tests of Khmer in Java have also been successful.

However, I'm having problems with an Oracle product, which relies on Java, and which is NOT handling Khmer properly.  In order for Oracle to believe that this is their problem and not a Java problem, Oracle has asked to see an official statement on Sun's site saying that Khmer is supported in Java 6.

I have been unable to find a statement like this on the Sun site.  Khmer is not listed in the list of Supported Writing Systems available here:

In addition, Cambodia/Khmer is not in the list of supported locales, available here:

Can anyone enlighten me as to why this is?  Can anyone point me to a Sun document that indicates that Khmer is supported?

If this is not the correct forum for a question like this, please point me in the right direction.
Thanks in advance for your help!

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