<i18n dev> Codereview request for 7130915: File.equals does not give expected results when path contains Non-English characters on Mac OS X

Xueming Shen xueming.shen at oracle.com
Fri Jun 22 10:01:10 PDT 2012


Here is the proposed change to support Unicode nfd/nfc and case insensitive
file path on MacOSX file system.

7130915: File.equals does not give expected results when path contains 
Non-English characters on Mac OS X
7168427: FileInputStream cannot open file where the file path contains 
asian characters [macosx]

While these two bug reports are only against java.io, we have the same 
issue in javax.nio.file.
Here is the webrev


Here is the brief summary of the changes

(1) removed nfc->nfd conversion in io_util.h/WITH_PLATFORM_STRING, which 
      we are now passing nfc/composite characters directly into macosx 
file system APIs
      without  normalize them to nfd. It appears macosx fs APIs do take 
nfc, though it uses

(2) normalize the resulting file name from macosx fs APIs from nfd->nfd 
before passing
      back to java.io.File (File.list() and canonicalize()), so we deal 
with nfdc file name
      (as "usual")  for java.io classes/APIs.

(3) fs.compare()/hashCode() was updated to be case insensitive

(4) hasCode() was updated to use the new String.hash32().


(5) added a setof MacOSXFile... on top of existing BsdFile... classes. 
An alternative is to
update those BsdFile... classes directly to address the macosx specific 
issues. But given
there might be developers over there might work on open jdk BSD port and 
have dependency
on these classes, it might be desirable to have another separate layer 
of MacOSXFile...
classes. So now the default FileSystem/Provider is 
MacOSXFileSystemProvider and

(6)  the "main" changes are in MacOSXFileSystem, in which the 
corresponding methods
were added to handle, case insensitive and nfd<=>nfc normalization, 
including the

(7) compare is now are case-insensitive

(8) hashCode is now murmur3_32(), this is true for all 
Solaris/Unix/Linux and maxosx.

Though lots of files have been touched, but the line of changes are 
actually relatively

The proposed change only deals with the default case-sensitiveness 
seting, which is
case insensitive. On MaxOSX, you actually can configure the HFS+ file 
system or the
mounted vol to be case-sensitive. A possible approach is to have some 
extra FileStore
attributes, such as a isCaseSensitive and to use case sensitive 
compare/equal on
such fs, but this can be dealt with separately later.


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