<i18n dev> Review request: Splitting locale resources (FormatData) for java.time classes

Masayoshi Okutsu masayoshi.okutsu at oracle.com
Wed Apr 3 09:09:45 PDT 2013


I've made changes for splitting locale resources into FormatData 
required by the legacy i18n classes and JavaTimeSupplementary required 
by the java.time classes. The reason of this split is to make locale 
resources maintenance easier. Changes are mostly in the locale data 
adapter side.

Here are concrete changes in a random order:

- Split FormatData files for JRE into the FormatData files and their 
corresponding JavaTimeSupplementary files. The supplementary data is 
added to its FormatData on demand at runtime. This is to avoid loading 
java.time specific resources in case they are not used. All 
JavaTimeSupplementary files were generated by a tool. But the tool isn't 
included in webrev. It's still a mess.

- Changed prefix "cldr." to "java.time." for java.time specific resources.

- "java.time.*DatePattrens" resources are now converted from legacy JRE 
resources rather than from CLDR. This change required the 
TestNonIsoFormatter.java change.

- Added missing resources (due to a tool bug) to FormatData files.

- No format changes to FormatData files generated from CLDR (XML).

- Added ParallelListResourceBundle which supports additional contents 
(key-value pairs). FormatData* classes are now 
ParallelListResourceBundle subclasses. sun/util/resources/LocaleData 
takes care of adding supplementary data at runtime.

- Renamed CalendarDataUtility.retrieveCldr* to .retrieveJavaTime*.

- Cleaned up OpenListResourceBundle.

- CLDR Converter Tool now takes "approved" and "contributed" data items 
because there are too many missing elements in arrays. However, 
FormatData and JavaTimeSupplementary files for JRE have only approved items.

- Changed some copyright text and removed "DO NOT EDIT" comment lines. I 
don't believe those files can be re-generated using the older version of 
CLDR Converter Tool.

There are some remaining work items.

- Need more verification of the actual locale resources.

- Clean up the JavaTimeSupplementary generator tool.

- Add a test for ParallelListResourceBundl, which is almost ready for 
review, but it requires a bug ID for the @bug tag of jtreg.

- Clean up test/sun/text/resources/LocaleData with the additional resources.



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