<i18n dev> 8028734: test/java/util/Locale/InternationalBAT.java changes does not restore the default TimeZone

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Thu Nov 21 01:40:08 PST 2013

On 21/11/2013 09:33, Masayoshi Okutsu wrote:
> On 11/21/2013 2:08 AM, Alan Bateman wrote:
>> We have a number of test failures in agentvm mode that appear to be 
>> caused by tests changing the default TimeZone and not restoring it. 
>> These failures become very intermittently when running with 
>> concurrency as it is unpredictable as to the sequence of tests that a 
>> specific agent VM will execute from run to run.
> If concurrent execution is a requirement, all tests changing default 
> time zone and/or locale values need to run in "othervm"?
When you run in agentvm mode with concurrency then it means there is a 
pool of agent VMs running the tests, it doesn't mean there are several 
tests running in the same agent VM at the same time.

So if tests change the default TZ or locale or other global settings 
then the tests need to restore them so as to not cause problems for 
tests that run subsequently. If they can't restore things (and we have 
many examples of that) then you are right, these tests needs to have 
their @run tag changed so that they always run in othervm mode.


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