<i18n dev> Proposal: Input Method re-connection

Toshio 5 Nakamura TOSHIONA at jp.ibm.com
Tue Jun 26 08:46:28 UTC 2018


I'd like to contribute a proposal about Input Method (IM) re-connection
on Linux. This is a part of contribution of IBM enhancements.

After IM process (fcitx, kinput2, etc.) was down, Java GUI application
cannot use it even if IM process is restarted. This change try to
re-connect IM when its process was restarted on Linux.

Description of changes:
- XRegisterIMInstantiateCallback is set in DestroyXIMCallback.
- Saved the latest activated X11InputMethod instance and use it to
   call its activate method in the instantiate callback.
- XSelectInput in XMSelection.java may reset the
   XRegisterIMInstantiateCallback entry, so it's changed to keep the
   current registers.

(I asked my colleague to store my patch for easy reference.
 I'm a contributor and need a sponsor of the proposal.)

Could I ask someone to kindly become a sponsor of this proposal?

Toshio Nakamura, IBM Japan

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