@Language annotation for JDK 13 text blocks

Geertjan Wielenga geertjan at apache.org
Fri Feb 7 11:58:35 UTC 2020

Hi all,

It would be of great support for IDEs, editors, and tools of various kinds
if a @Language annotation would be part of the support for text blocks, so
that tooling would be able to determine which editor should be injected
within the text block.

For example, imagine this annotation on top of a text block:


That would then be used by IDEs, editors, tools, etc, to determine that the
text within the block is HTML and that therefore, for the tools that
support this (e.g., NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA), an HTML editor would then be
injected within the text block, which would make HTML-oriented syntax
coloring, code completion, etc, available within the text block.

If this meets with enthusiasm, what would the next steps be? An addition to
the text block spec or a new spec or something different?



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