Modularity in Java SE 8

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Thu Aug 23 16:36:43 PDT 2012

2012/7/17 8:57 -0700, mark.reinhold at
> ...
> I therefore propose to defer the addition of a module system and the
> modularization of the Platform to Java SE 9.  This is by no means a
> pleasant choice, but I think it's preferable to delaying Java SE 8 until
> the modularity work is complete.

I'd like for us to reach a decision on this in the next month or so.

As input to the decision I offer here a list of URLs to a variety of blog
entries, news articles, discussions, and other items that were published
in reaction to my proposal.  There are opinions in favor of, neutral to,
and opposed to it.  I'll refrain from quoting or otherwise analyzing the
linked content any further, so that you may draw your own conclusions.
The URLs are, very roughly, in the order in which they were published.!topic/javaposse/1WPHH23q8pc

This list is no doubt incomplete; pointers to additional relevant content
are welcome.

(Thanks to my colleagues Dalibor Topic and Donald Smith for collecting
 these URLs.)

- Mark

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