Java SE 8 EDR Specification: DRAFT 2

Steve Poole SPOOLE at
Tue Sep 3 03:19:55 PDT 2013

hi Mark - just to confirm that I'm ok with this version going forward as 
the formal  Early Draft Review.



From:   mark.reinhold at
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Date:   26/08/2013 21:25
Subject:        Java SE 8 EDR Specification: DRAFT 2
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The second draft of the Early Draft Review Specification is available

This draft includes changes in response to comments received on the
first draft.

I'd like to submit this to the JCP PMO for the formal Early Draft Review
next week.  Please let me know by 22:00 UTC next Monday, 2 September, of
any changes you'd like me to make to this document before I submit it,
or if you think that further discussion is required.

- Mark

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