Proposal: Drop Stripped Implementations from Java SE 8

Jochen Wiedmann jochen.wiedmann at
Sat Feb 8 08:48:16 PST 2014


I hsve just read for the first time about stripping. So, bear with me, if
that comment comes comparatively (and probably: too) late. Nevertheless,
I'd like to add the following notes (perhaps with Java 9 in mind):

1.) If you are going to permit stripped implementations, I see no sense in
the following part

  A Stripped Implementation, once created, cannot be changed. No further
elements may be added or removed.

What's the point? The actual result is not different from performing both
steps in the first place.

2.) If stripped implementations are permitted: What's the point in
rejecting repackaging, like some Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, or
the JPackage project come to my mind) did in the past? I admit that this
point is no longer as important as it was (with OpenJDK and IcedTea
becoming very mature and floating all around). Nevertheless, from the view
of practicality,Java is still lacking on certain platforms. To give but one
example: As a professional I am bound to have Java 6 available (it has
already been dropped from Fedora, and fixing that is quite hard, compared
to just extracting and repckaging the official Oracle binary packages) and
this tends to become harder and harder.

At least my impression is: Providing a repackaged (but complete)
implementation is the lesser evil, compared to a stripped implementation,
of which we usually  won't know precisely what's in it, and what's missing.

Thanks for your attention,


On Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 12:39 PM, <mark.reinhold at> wrote:

> In order to preserve compatibility and guard against fragmentation,
> the Stripped Implementations feature of Java SE 8 [1] requires some
> nontrivial changes to the TCK license.
> I've been working with Oracle's legal department on these revisions
> for some time now.  We have an initial draft but at this point,
> unfortunately, I don't think there is sufficient time for members of
> this Expert Group, members of the JCP Executive Committee, and other
> interested parties to review and comment on these changes.
> I therefore propose to drop the Stripped Implementations feature from
> Java SE 8.  This will only require changes to the Specification and
> to the TCK rules -- no change to the RI, or to actual TCK tests, is
> needed.
> I remain convinced that Stripped Implementations are important to the
> future of the Platform.  Once Java SE 8 is out the door I'll look into
> how we might add this feature to the Platform in a release prior to
> Java SE 9.
> If you have any comments on this proposal, please let me know no later
> than 17:00 UTC next Tuesday, 11 February.
> Thanks,
> - Mark
> [1]

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