Java SE 8 (JSR 337) Final Release Specification, RI, and TCK: DRAFT

Paul Sandoz paul.sandoz at
Thu Jan 23 01:50:58 PST 2014

On Jan 23, 2014, at 1:21 AM, mark.reinhold at wrote:

> 2014/1/21 21:04 -0800, Andrew Haley <aph at>:
>> There are some JCK failures in the draft RI.
>> compiler tests: all ok
>> devtools tests: all ok
>> runtime tests: 68928 passed, 68 failures, 0 errors
>> Failures:
>> api/org_ietf/jgss/GSSContext/* (14 total):
>> all caused by missing support for AES256, so I'd say it's expected
> Hrm, maybe you expect them but they're not known failures.  Could you
> please send me (privately) the relevant .jtr file and also a description
> of the system on which you're running the JCK (OS, kernel version,
> hardware, etc.)?  I'll forward that information on to the JCK team for
> analysis.
>> api/java_util/Base64/Decoder/* (20 total):
>> caused by missing methods in the package java.util.base64
>> api/signaturetest/sigtest.basic.html#basic[java] (1 total):
>> dtto caused by missing methods in the package java.util.base64
>> many (almost all) other failures:
>> +-infinity returned instead of NaN in Double/double computations
> We think these are known failures, but again if you could send along the
> relevant .jtr files then we can make sure.

That last one (+-oo/Nan) might be related to:

which was fixed in b124 (IIRC the draft RI is b121?).


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