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Subject: 	[JCP]JSR-383(Java SE 18.3) Public review - JEP 116:Extended 
Validation SSL Certificates
Date: 	Fri, 17 Nov 2017 10:33:41 +0000
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JSR-383 developer all

Hi, I’m Kyosuke Yamagata.
I can't send E-mail by mail form(Expert Group Comments) because of the office network policy.
So I send this mail to you.

I work for Mitsubishi UFJ Information Technology.
Our company is in charge of Mitsubishi UFJ financial group system development, operation and maintenance.
And then , We are in charge of in-house Java framework.
Our Java framework depends heavily on Java SE and Java EE technologies.

I reviewed JEP 116: Extended Validation SSL Certificates in JSR-383(Java SE 18.3) Public review

I think it's great.

On the other hand, to make things even better,  I would like to suggest the following:

We can import Self-signed certificates as Root certificate.
It used in SSL/TLS connections both Client-side and Server-side, and isn't necessarily EV SSL certificates.

When the API takes these Non-EV SSL certificates, what kind of information does return?

API user wants to take some information of the certificate without having to worry about what kind of certificate using, I think.
For example, if I got some exceptions by using API, I MUST inject the judging code that this certificate is EV or Non-EV into my code.
I want to support this usecase by this JEP(or other APIs).

This content is the personal opinion by the contributor, not the official opinion of our company.

Best regards.

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