EG Meeting Minutes: Thu 12 Oct 2017

Iris Clark iris.clark at
Tue Oct 17 17:04:06 UTC 2017

Hi, Volker.

Thanks for the feedback.

> Thanks a lot for the detailed minutes. I only found a small typo. I think in:
> Early Access builds.  Brian
>     confirmed and added that the repository fork for 18.9 would occur in
>     mid-December, as suggested by the 18.3 development schedule.
> "fork for 18.9" should read "fork for 18.3".

Yes, it should have read "fork for 18.3".  After that sentence, I should
have added this sentence for further clarity:

    "After the fork, the original forest will be used to accumulate changes
    for the next release, 18.9."


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