JSR 384 (Java SE 11) Specification -- DRAFT 1

Iris Clark iris.clark at oracle.com
Thu May 24 06:58:00 UTC 2018


An updated draft of the Specification is available here:


This draft includes the following changes:

    - Spec, Sections 5 and 6 "Feature...": Addition of the recently Targeted
      JEPs 324 (Key Agreement with Curve25519 and Curve448) and 327
      (Unicode 10).

    - Annexes 1 and 2: Updates based on build 15.

The next JCP milestone is PFD. I anticipate submission to the PMO in late July
and publication in August.  As usual with milestones, we'll take a snapshot of
the current Specification and submit it.  I expect additional DRAFTs before
PFD for newly Targeted JEPs, removed/deprecated APIs, etc.

Feedback on this and other work in progress is welcome.


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