JSR 395 (Java SE 20) Specification -- DRAFT 29

Iris Clark iris.clark at oracle.com
Tue Jan 3 22:48:27 UTC 2023


A draft of the Specification is available here:


This draft includes the following:

`   - Spec, section 5 "Features", subsection "Restricted methods": describe
      exceptions for restricted method usage warnings

    - Annexes 1 - 11: Updates based on build 29

The next JCP milestone is PR, scheduled for January 2023.  As usual with
milestones, we'll take a snapshot of the current Specification (without
changebars) and submit it for publication.  I anticipate PR submission to the
PMO mid-January, for publication later that month.

Links to the JEP/CSR Dashboards, latest Specification, latest JavaDoc API and
diffs, and latest RI binaries may be found on this page:



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