Docs generated by Java8 Javadoc are incompatible with "javadoc -source 8"

Roman Marchenko rmarchenko at
Fri Nov 18 15:32:30 UTC 2022


As far as I know, Html4 support was removed from Javadoc a time ago. So now Javadoc generates html5-like anchors even with “-source 8” or “-release 8” option specified. There is JDK-8187521 added TestAnchorNames.testHtml5 which checks if Html5-like anchors are generated for “-source 8” option.

On the other hand, Java8’s Javadoc still supports html4 and doesn’t support html5. So it turns that docs generated by Java8’s Javadoc are not compatible with docs generated by any other (I guess starting from jdk17 and above) “Javadoc -release 8” because they use different types of anchors. So it’s impossible to use cross links in such cases.

I haven’t found any discussion explaining that, so could anyone explain, please, if it is correct behavior or not?

- Roman

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