Incubation Feature Clarifications

Manoj Palat manoj.palat at
Mon Feb 5 07:55:35 UTC 2018

 I am Manoj from the Eclipse Java Development Tools (JDT) and from Eclipse
JDT Dev, we have a couple of clarifications regarding the incubation

    Mandatory or Optional: We understand that when an incubation feature is
   included in a release, it should be of production quality. However, do
   we, as spec/compiler implementers have the freedom to omit an incubation
   feature? In Other words, would we be termed non-compliant if we do not
   implement a particular incubation feature?

    Timeline:  How much minimum time (in weeks/months) before the release
   can we expect a feature to be categorized as incubation? If it depends
   on the feature, what could be a ballpark estimate?


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