FYI: removal of long-deprecated Thread.destroy() and Thread.stop(Throwable) methods

Stuart Marks stuart.marks at
Fri Jun 8 22:30:49 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I wanted to mention that I'm nearly ready to push the changeset for JDK-8204243 
[1] which removes the long-deprecated methods Thread.destroy() and 
Thread.stop(Throwable). The review thread is on core-libs-dev. [2] The methods 
have been deprecated for many years, and in Java 9 they were both deprecated for 

The Thread.destroy() method never actually destroyed a thread in any release; 
instead, it would throw NoSuchMethodError to the caller.

The Thread.stop(Throwable) method had been implemented in the past, but in JDK 8 
the implementation was changed not to stop the target thread, but instead to 
throw UnsuppportedOperationException to the caller.

Note that the no-arg Thread.stop() method still works and won't be removed by 
this changeset. It remains deprecated (though not for removal) and there are no 
plans to remove it at this time.

I'll probably push early next week.




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