License and Usage Terms of generated API documentation

Volker Simonis volker.simonis at
Wed May 2 15:03:17 UTC 2018


we currently build OpenJDK and make it available from various sources
(e.g. GitHub, apt-get server, DockerHub). We also build the API
documentation (i.e. JavaDoc) and would like to make it available from
our project page as well. However the default API doc produced by the
build looks as follows:

Especially the footer seems to be weired and only valid for the API
doc hosted by Oracle itself. It reads as follows:

Use is subject to "license terms" and the "documentation redistribution policy".

"license terms" links to
which redirects to

"documentation redistribution policy" links to

Especially the "documentation redistribution policy" is very strict. It states:

"The Java SE API Specification is not redistributable."

This is a very strong statement. While it may be fine for the API
documentation hosted by Oracle (under I
doubt this can be valid for the OpenJDK API documentation which was
produced exclusively from GPLv2 licensed sources (actually even GPLv2
plus Classpath Exception). From my understanding the whole HTML tree
generated by "make docs-image" should be by default licensed under
GPLv2 as well.

I would therefore like to propose to make the following variables from
"make/Docs.gmk" configurable with corresponding configure flags:

COPYRIGHT_URL := {@docroot}/../legal/copyright.html

"JAVADOC_BASE_URL" should by default point to an OpenJDK site
(although I'm not sure which one will be best suited). It seems
strange that the default documentation generated from an OpenSource
project like OpenJDK points to some Oracle-proprietary documentation.

"BUG_SUBMIT_URL" should use the value of the already existing
"--with-vendor-bug-url" if that was set at configure time.

"COPYRIGHT_URL" currently points to "copyright.html" which doesn't
exist neither in the OpenJDK sources nor in the generated images. Not
sure what would be a useful default value here. Maybe just leave it
empty? "Copyright © 1993, 2018, Oracle.." already seems
self-explanatory and clear enough.

"LICENSE_URL" and "REDISTRIBUTION_URL" should both by default point to
the GPLv2+CPE LICENSE file and this LICENSE file should be copied into
the API doc HTML tree (much like it is copied into the various
subdirectories of the "legel/" directory of an OpenJDK image)

I can open an issue for this topic and propose an implementation if
there's consensus on this topic.

Thank you and best regards,

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