Reaction to JEP 326/JDK-8196004

netbeans at netbeans at
Thu Sep 6 06:24:08 UTC 2018

Dear JDK dev.

Let me react to JEP 326: Raw String Literals and related https://bugs.

1) in case of path
This should not be hard code in source code, but it should be part of 

2) example of html 
This should be part of templates and including translations

3) script function
This should be part of external file to be e.g. validated by editor 
regarding to used languages so not part of Java source code.

4) regexp
I think that better to provide exact operator to write regexp directly /.*/

5) query 
I think that this is not really good design as building query should be part
of query builder to ensure security.

6) "`"
I am affraid that all keyboards have this.

Best regards.

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