Introducing time wasters

Aaron Scott-Boddendijk talden at
Sat Sep 22 01:53:58 UTC 2018

I like the 'maintainer' suggestion - dev is a little 'down in the code',
whereas maintainer recognises all of the contributors of assets to the

I wouldn't use 'sink' myself because this reads negatively and feels odd
when placed on tooling enhancements.

To me 'maintainer-productivity' would read more neutrally (though long) and
simply states the benefit of resolving the issue - though I'm aware that
this thread started with a desire to draw attention to pain (rather than

Aaron Scott-Boddendijk

On Sat, Sep 22, 2018 at 12:23 PM <mark.reinhold at> wrote:

> 2018/9/21 12:03:03 -0700, daniel.daugherty at
> > Rather than make it specific to 'dev' or 'developers', perhaps
> >
> >   productivity-sink
> Productivity sink for whom?  Someone using the JDK, or someone working
> on it?  Arguably the lack of (to pick a random example) extension
> methods in the language is a productivity sink for some developers in
> the latter category.
> This suggests labels that include the token “maintainer.”  Maybe one of:
>   affects-maintainers
>   maintainer-burden
>   maintainer-nuisance
>   maintainer-overhead
>   maintainer-sink
>   maintainer-slog
>   maintainer-slowdown
>   maintainer-tax
> ... or something like that.
> - Mark

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