CFV: New JDK Reviewer: Jini George

jesper.wilhelmsson at jesper.wilhelmsson at
Thu Sep 27 16:05:54 UTC 2018

I hearby nominate Jini George (jgeorge) to JDK Project Reviewer.

Jini has made 37 contributions in the JDK [3], many in the Serviceability Agent which is an area that for a long time was lacking active contributors. Jini's work in the SA is highly appreciated.

Votes are due by 18:00 CET October 11, 2018.

Only current JDK Reviewers [1] are eligible to vote on this nomination.
Votes must be cast in the open by replying to this mailing list.

For Three-Vote Consensus voting instructions, see [2].


[3] List of contributions:

(1) 8210836: Build fails with warn_unused_result in openjdk/src/jdk.hotspot.agent/linux/native/libsaproc/ps_core.c

(2) 8204308: SA: serviceability/sa/TestInstanceKlassSize*.java fails when running in CDS mode

(3) 8189429: SA: MacOSX: Replace the deprecated PT_ATTACH with PT_ATTACHEXC

(4) 8195613: [SA] HotSpotTypeDataBase.readVMLongConstants truncates values to int

(5) 8174995: SA: clhsdb 'where -a' throws Assertion Failure with illegal code 236 when CDS is used

(6) 8174994: SA: clhsdb printmdo throws WrongTypeException when attached to a process with CDS

(7) 8175312: SA: clhsdb: Provide an improved heap summary for 'universe' for G1GC

(8) 8175384: SA: clhsdb 'printall' throws ClassCastException while printing out the bytecodes

(9) 8193352: SA: Test for the clhsdb 'thread' and 'threads' commands

(10) 8192985: SA: Test cases for the clhsdb 'inspect', 'scanoops' and 'printas' commands

(11) 8191538: SA: tests for clhsdb commands: vmstructsdump, field, symboltable and symbol

(12) 8191914: New SA test timeout on windows

(13) 8191324: SA cleanup -- part 2

(14) 8191961: SA: Remove left over quarantined SA tests due to 8184042 from ProblemList.txt

(15) 8191919: Include in ProblemList.txt

(16) 8190307: SA tests for the clhsdb commands: universe, intconstant, type

(17) 8189798: SA cleanup - part 1

(18) 8184042: several serviceability/sa tests timed out on MacOS X

(19) 8175512: new fails with -XX:TieredStopAtLevel=1

(20) 8173896: SA: (printmdo) fails for Client VM and Server VM with emulated-client

(21) 8162504: and fail on Mac OS

(22) 8175054: Move new to hotspot/test directory

(23) 8173896: SA: (printmdo) fails for Client VM and Server VM with emulated-client

(24) 8171084: heapdump/JMapHeapCore fails with java.lang.RuntimeException: Heap segment size overflow

(25) 8159127: hprof heap dumps broken for lambda classdata

(26) 8169232: SA: fails with sun.jvm.hotspot.debugger.DebuggerException: binary search bug: should have found entry 1

(27) 8169638: serviceability/sa/ and serviceability/sa/ fail compilation

(28) 8169344: Potential open file descriptor in exists() of hotspot/agent/src/os/bsd/ps_core.c

(29) 7107018: sun.jvm.hotspot.utilities.soql.JSJavaHeap.forEachClass incorrect test

(30) 8164783: SA: jhsdb clhsdb 'printall' often throws "Corrupted constant pool" assertion failure

(31) 8164383: jhsdb dumps core on Solaris 12 when loading dumped core

(32) 8166552: SA: Missed testcase for add default methods to InstanceKlass

(33) 8027920: SA: Add default methods to InstanceKlass

(34) 8163150: SA: CLHSDB printmdo throws an exception with "java.lang.InternalError: missing reason for 22"

(35) 8164562: serviceability/sa/ fails with NPE

(36) 8163143: illegal bci error with interpreted frames in SA due to mirror being stored in interpreted frames

(37) 8145627: sun.jvm.hotspot.oops.InstanceKlass::getSize() returns the incorrect size and has no test

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