JEPs proposed to target JDK *16*: 357 (Migrate from Mercurial to Git) & 369 (Migrate to GitHub)

Joe Darcy joe.darcy at
Fri Jun 26 16:44:19 UTC 2020

An update, as of JDK 16 b03, the JDK 16 builds published on are based on Git. From the release file, 


On 5/19/2020 11:44 AM, Joe Darcy wrote:
> FYI, assuming the JEPs get targeted, a bit more detail on the Skara 
> team's current SCM transition plans for JDK 16.
> We are looking at transitioning the jdk/jdk repo hosted on 
> to become the read/write master for JDK 16 sources in early September 
> 2020. This would be a few weeks before the GA date of JDK 15 and after 
> a separate JDK 15 repo is forked off in mid-June per the JDK 15 
> schedule (
> The early access JDK 16 builds published on may 
> transition to being Git-based rather than Mercurial-based some time 
> ahead of the repo transition. Which SCM is used as a basis for a JDK 
> build can be inferred from the contents of the "release" file in the 
> root of the build. Among other information, the release file records 
> the SCM and the SCM hashes of the sources used for the build.
> -Joe

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