JEP proposed to target JDK 18: 408: Simple Web Server

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Fri Oct 15 17:33:46 UTC 2021

2021/10/7 15:07:02 -0700, mark.reinhold at
> The following JEP is proposed to target JDK 18:
>   408: Simple Web Server
>   Summary: Provide a command-line tool to start a minimal web server
>   that serves static files in the current directory. This low-threshold
>   utility will be useful for prototyping, ad-hoc coding, and testing
>   purposes, particularly in educational contexts.
> Feedback on this proposal from JDK Project Committers and Reviewers [1]
> is more than welcome, as are reasoned objections.  If no such objections
> are raised by 23:59 UTC on Thursday, 14 October, or if they’re raised
> and then satisfactorily answered, then per the JEP 2.0 process proposal
> [2] I’ll target this JEP to JDK 18.

One objection to this JEP was raised by Simone Bordet (not a Committer),
but it was satisfactorily answered.  I’ve targeted this JEP to JDK 18.

- Mark

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