Coming soon: jtreg 7

Christian Stein christian.s.stein at
Wed Aug 24 19:55:23 UTC 2022

JDK folk,

This is a general heads-up that jtreg 7 is ready for use and
that we should soon update JDK to use it. There are not
many changes to the jtreg tool itself; the most significant
change in jtreg 7 is the upgrade to JUnit 5, which provides
the Jupiter API [1] and supports running existing JUnit 4
tests, both using the "@run junit" tag [2] support.

Starting with jtreg 7, the convention for naming the jar
file for a 3rd-party library has been changed to use the base
name of the jar file that was specified when jtreg was built,
and that this name may depend on the version of the library.
This did affect some existing JDK tests, but those tests that
relied on specific jar file names have already been updated.

Also starting with version 7, jtreg is compiled with JDK 11
and so requires a recent release of JDK 11 to run it.

The plan is to integrate "JDK-8289798: Update to use jtreg 7",
PR #9393 [3], in first week of September 2022.

After the integration of the PR you must use jtreg 7 to run
tests in the mainline JDK repository.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has helped thus far!


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