FYI, planning to drop support for -source/-target/--release 7 from javac in JDK 20

Joseph D. Darcy joe.darcy at
Tue Aug 30 00:20:42 UTC 2022


JDK 7 was released in July 2011, over one decade ago. Per the general 
sentiment, but not exact wording, of JEP 182 
(, this is about the expected support time 
frame for an argument to javac's -source/-target/--release options in 
subsequent releases. [1]

Therefore, in JDK 20, I think it is time for javac to drop support for 
-source/-target/--release 7. All other supported values would remain as 
such in JDK 20, 8 through 20 inclusive, and there is no implied changes 
to support for 7 in other release trains.

PR for the proposed changes:


[1] Updating JEP 182 to formally account for the six-month release model 
remains as future work.

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