Proposed JEP - Deprecate the Windows x86-32 Port

George Adams George.Adams at
Mon Feb 27 11:04:21 UTC 2023

Hi all,

I’ve been asked to socialize my proposed JEP to deprecate the Windows x86-32 port on this mailing list.

A link to the draft JEP can be found here:

In summary, the main motivation for this JEP is that there is currently no implementation of JEP 436 (Virtual Threads)<> for 32-bit platforms and without a vendor stepping forward to implement this it's unlikely that OpenJDK will be able to continue supporting 32-bit architectures. Another motivation is that Windows 10 (the last Windows operating system to support a 32-bit installation) will reach EOL on October 14, 20251.

I look forward to receiving feedback from the community.


George Adams
Senior Software Engineer

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