JEP proposed to drop from JDK 21: 404: Generational Shenandoah (Experimental)

Mark Reinhold mark.reinhold at
Fri Jun 16 20:08:24 UTC 2023

2023/6/7 18:09:21 -0400, mark.reinhold at
> Roman Kennke, the owner of this JEP, has proposed to drop it from JDK 21:
>   404: Generational Shenandoah (Experimental)
> His rationale [1]:
>   The Shenandoah team has decided to skip JDK 21 and take the time to
>   deliver the best Generational Shenandoah that we can.
> Related, from Kelvin Nilsen in the PR [2]:
>   We would like to thank everyone who has taken time to review and
>   provide feedback on our pull request.  Given the risks identified
>   during the review process and the lack of time available to perform
>   the thorough review that such a large contribution of code requires,
>   we have decided to close this PR at the current time.  We will seek
>   to target JDK 22.
> Feedback on this proposal from JDK Project Committers and Reviewers [3]
> is more than welcome, as are reasoned objections.  If no such objections
> are raised by 23:59 UTC on Wednesday, 14 June, or if they’re raised and
> then satisfactorily answered, then per the JEP 2.0 process proposal [4]
> I’ll drop this JEP from JDK 21.

Hearing no objections, I’ve dropped this JEP from JDK 21.

- Mark

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