git: openjdk/jdk11u-dev: 2 new changesets

Goetz Lindenmaier goetz at
Wed Mar 1 14:46:13 UTC 2023

Changeset: 15bdc4dc
Author:    Goetz Lindenmaier <goetz at>
Date:      2023-03-01 14:44:07 +0000

8235448: code cleanup in

Reviewed-by: mbaesken
Backport-of: baebce3d2f996cf2731be8c5d387e709f1213d30

! src/java.base/share/classes/sun/security/ssl/

Changeset: bd9c2fb3
Author:    Goetz Lindenmaier <goetz at>
Date:      2023-03-01 14:45:46 +0000

8290197: test/jdk/java/nio/file/Files/probeContentType/ fails on some systems for the ".rar" extension

Backport-of: 44fb92e2aa8a708b94c568e3d39217cb4c39f6bf

! test/jdk/java/nio/file/Files/probeContentType/

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