OpenJDK 6 b10 source posted

Joseph D. Darcy Joe.Darcy at Sun.COM
Fri May 30 18:39:18 PDT 2008


The OpenJDK 6 b10 source is now available at

In this source drop, the build instructions received some clarifications
and corrections:

6644659: Error in default target of make/javax/crypto in OpenJDK build
6682167: Add cygwin faq to README-builds.html
6563616: Clarify instructions for unpacking openjdk binary "plug"
6611685: Incorrect link to CA certs info from build README
6597857: JDK build instructions need to be updated

and some other work too:

6683078: Update JCE framework and provider builds to work on read-only
6644659: Error in default target of make/javax/crypto in OpenJDK build

A few fixes in the 2D area:

6604044: java crashes talking to second X screen
6636469: Java Fullscreen Exclusive Mode not working with Xorg server
1.3.0 and above
6523403: OSS CMM: Need to provide lcms library with PYCC and

The last fix was contributed by Andrew Haley and Keith Seitz of Red Hat
and fixes color management related regression and JCK failures.

The encumbered sound engine has been replaced with Gervill:

6702956 OpenJDK: replace encumbered code (software synthesizer)

With this change, the only remaining binary plug in OpenJDK 6 is for SNMP.

I applied Martin's recent fixes in collections:

6691185: (coll) TreeMap.navigableKeySet's descendingIterator method
starts at first instead of last entry
6691215: (coll) IdentityHashMap.containsValue(null) returns true when
null value not present

Some progress has been made on addressing the copyright/licensing
concerns raised by Debian

6695553: Cleanup GPLv2+SPL legal notices in hat sources
6703931 Remove jaxws doc-files from the jdk

Work will continue in this area until all the issues are addressed.

Mark Wielaard recently proposed publishing regression test results for
OpenJDK 6

I'll publish results for b10 later.  However, some of the
regression tests assume they are either running inside Sun's firewall or
checking aspects of Sun's production/commercial/proprietary JDK rather
than an OpenJDK build.  The tests should be modified so they are
appropriate for OpenJDK out of the box too.  Along those lines, some
regression tests were deleted or modified in b10:

6673853: LegacyIntrospectorTest is testing an old deprecated com.sun API
not present in OpenJDK
6602426: TEST_BUG: test/sun/misc/Version/ fails
6704655: Test test/java/lang/reflect/Generics/ fails under OpenJDK
6705893: javax.script tests should not require a js engine on OpenJDK

Some regression tests, such as those in networking and javax.script,
should probably be modified to more easily accept configuration options
without having to modify the source of the tests.  Discussion on how
best to do that has started


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