OpenJDK6 B30 Available

Omair Majid omajid at
Tue Jan 21 13:24:54 PST 2014


The OpenJDK6 b30 source release is now available for download:
sha256sum: 2e67a63256b5f6c459fc072ef2e7b5dfee86b92757cd324f6b7c2598537662ff

sha256sum: ebd9fdf39c8590cd620cb78c481ca233f5919f2819237b5d2b440666f1dd3475

This release contains a number of security fixes. Anyone using
OpenJDK6 b29 is strongly encouraged to update.

A complete list of all changes is available here:

Please note that builds based on this do not pass the TCK. This is not a
regression, I believe.

Thanks to everyone who helped with testing and backporting fixes.

Onwards to b31!


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