OpenJDK 8u282 Released

Andrew Hughes gnu.andrew at
Wed Jan 20 04:51:29 UTC 2021

We are pleased to announce the release of OpenJDK 8u282.

The source tarball is available from:


The tarball is accompanied by a digital signature available at:


This is signed by our Red Hat OpenJDK key (openjdk at

PGP Key: rsa4096/0x92EF8D39DC13168F (hkp://
Fingerprint = CA5F 11C6 CE22 644D 42C6  AC44 92EF 8D39 DC13 168F

SHA256 checksums:

e5c0000d54fea680375ab06e6d477713fb5c294d84baf0ed6224498bde811b7c  openjdk8u282-ga.tar.xz
312d9de15c5bf667c17c8dc4b8a582ec929fbc5af227e005b48c15744d512ecf  openjdk8u282-ga.tar.xz.sig

The checksums can be downloaded from:


New in release OpenJDK 8u282 (2021-01-19):
Live versions of these release notes can be found at:

* Security fixes
  - JDK-8247619: Improve Direct Buffering of Characters
* Other changes
  - JDK-6962725: Regtest javax/swing/JFileChooser/6738668/ fails under Linux
  - JDK-8008657: JSpinner setComponentOrientation doesn't affect on text orientation
  - JDK-8022535: [TEST BUG] javax/swing/text/html/parser/ fails
  - JDK-8025936: Windows .pdb and .map files does not have proper dependencies setup
  - JDK-8030350: Enable additional compiler warnings for GCC
  - JDK-8031423: Test java/awt/dnd/DisposeFrameOnDragCrash/ fails by Timeout on Windows
  - JDK-8036122: Fix warning 'format not a string literal'
  - JDK-8039279: Move awt tests to openjdk repository
  - JDK-8041592: [TEST_BUG] Move 42 AWT hw/lw mixing tests to jdk
  - JDK-8043126: move awt automated functional tests from AWT_Events/Lw and AWT_Events/AWT to OpenJDK repository
  - JDK-8043131: Move ShapedAndTranslucentWindows and GC functional AWT tests to regression tree
  - JDK-8043899: compiler/5091921/ fails if specified -Xmx is less than 1600m
  - JDK-8044157: [TEST_BUG] Improve recently submitted AWT_Mixing tests
  - JDK-8044172: [TEST_BUG] Move regtests for 4523758 and AltPlusNumberKeyCombinationsTest to jdk
  - JDK-8044429: move awt automated tests for AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository
  - JDK-8044765: Move functional tests AWT_SystemTray/Automated to openjdk repository
  - JDK-8046221: [TEST_BUG] Cleanup datatransfer tests
  - JDK-8047180: Move functional tests AWT_Headless/Automated to OpenJDK repository
  - JDK-8047367: move awt automated tests from AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository - part 2
  - JDK-8048246: Move AWT_DnD/Clipboard/Automated functional tests to OpenJDK
  - JDK-8049617: move awt automated tests from AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository - part 3
  - JDK-8049694: Migrate functional AWT_DesktopProperties/Automated tests to OpenJDK
  - JDK-8050885: move awt automated tests from AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository - part 4
  - JDK-8051440: move tests about maximizing undecorated to OpenJDK
  - JDK-8051853: new URI("x/").resolve("..").getSchemeSpecificPart() returns null!
  - JDK-8052012: move awt automated tests from AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository - part 5
  - JDK-8052408: Move AWT_BAT functional tests to OpenJDK (3 of 3)
  - JDK-8053657: [TEST_BUG] move some 5 tests related to undecorated Frame/JFrame to JDK
  - JDK-8054143: move awt automated tests from AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository - part 6
  - JDK-8054358: move awt automated tests from AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository - part 7
  - JDK-8054359: move awt automated tests from AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository - part 8
  - JDK-8055360: Move the rest part of AWT ShapedAndTranslucent tests to OpenJDK
  - JDK-8055664: move 14 tests about setLocationRelativeTo to jdk
  - JDK-8055836: move awt tests from AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository - part 9
  - JDK-8057694: move awt tests from AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository - part 10
  - JDK-8058805: [TEST_BUG]Test java/awt/TrayIcon/SecurityCheck/NoPermissionTest/ fails
  - JDK-8062808: Turn on the -Wreturn-type warning
  - JDK-8063102: Change open awt regression tests to avoid sun.awt.SunToolkit.realSync, part 1
  - JDK-8063104: Change open awt regression tests to avoid sun.awt.SunToolkit.realSync, part 2
  - JDK-8063106: Change open swing regression tests to avoid sun.awt.SunToolkit.realSync, part 1
  - JDK-8063107: Change open swing regression tests to avoid sun.awt.SunToolkit.realSync, part 2
  - JDK-8064573: [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/text/AbstractDocument/6968363/ is asocial pressing VK_LEFT and not releasing
  - JDK-8064575: [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/JEditorPane/6917744/ 100 times press keys and never releases
  - JDK-8064809: [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/JComboBox/4199622/ contains a lot of keyPress and not a single keyRelease
  - JDK-8067441: Some tests fails with error: cannot find symbol getSystemMnemonicKeyCodes()
  - JDK-8068228: Test closed/java/awt/Mouse/MaximizedFrameTest/MaximizedFrameTest fails with GTKLookAndFeel
  - JDK-8068275: Some tests failed after JDK-8063104
  - JDK-8069211: (zipfs) ZipFileSystem creates corrupted zip if entry output stream gets closed more than once
  - JDK-8074807: Fix some tests unnecessary using internal API
  - JDK-8076315: move 4 manual functional swing tests to regression suite
  - JDK-8130772: Util.hitMnemonics does not work: getSystemMnemonicKeyCodes() returns ALT_MASK rather than VK_ALT
  - JDK-8132664: closed/javax/swing/DataTransfer/DefaultNoDrop/ locks on Windows
  - JDK-8134632: Mark javax/sound/midi/Devices/ as headful
  - JDK-8148854: Class names "SomeClass" and "LSomeClass;" treated by JVM as an equivalent
  - JDK-8148916: Mark as intermittently failing
  - JDK-8148983: Fix extra comma in changes for JDK-8148916
  - JDK-8152545: Use preprocessor instead of compiling a program to generate native nio constants
  - JDK-8156803: Turn StressLCM/StressGCM flags to diagnostic
  - JDK-8160438: javax/swing/plaf/nimbus/8057791/ fails
  - JDK-8160761: [TESTBUG] Several compiler tests fail with product bits
  - JDK-8163161: [PIT][TEST_BUG] increase timeout in javax/swing/plaf/nimbus/8057791/
  - JDK-8165808: Add release barriers when allocating objects with concurrent collection
  - JDK-8166015: [PIT][TEST_BUG] stray character in java/awt/Focus/ModalDialogActivationTest/
  - JDK-8166583: Add oopDesc::klass_or_null_acquire()
  - JDK-8166663: Simplify oops_on_card_seq_iterate_careful
  - JDK-8166862: CMS needs klass_or_null_acquire
  - JDK-8168292: [TESTBUG] [macosx] Test java/awt/TrayIcon/DragEventSource/ fails on OS X
  - JDK-8168682: jdk/test/java/lang/ClassLoader/forNameLeak/ fails with -Xcomp
  - JDK-8179083: Uninitialized notifier in Java Monitor Wait tracing event
  - JDK-8185003: JMX: Add a version of ThreadMXBean.dumpAllThreads with a maxDepth argument
  - JDK-8197981: Missing return statement in __sync_val_compare_and_swap_8
  - JDK-8202076: test/jdk/java/io/File/ on windows with VS2017
  - JDK-8205507: jdk/javax/xml/crypto/dsig/ timed out
  - JDK-8207766: [testbug] Adapt tests for Aix.
  - JDK-8212070: Introduce diagnostic flag to abort VM on failed JIT compilation
  - JDK-8213448: [TESTBUG] enhance jfr/jvm/TestDumpOnCrash
  - JDK-8215727: Restore JFR thread sampler loop to old / previous behavior
  - JDK-8217362: Emergency dump does not work when disk=false is set
  - JDK-8217766: Container Support doesn't work for some Join Controllers combinations
  - JDK-8219013: Update Apache Santuario (XML Signature) to version 2.1.3
  - JDK-8219562: Line of code in osContainer_linux.cpp L102 appears unreachable
  - JDK-8220579: [Containers] out of sync with osContainer_linux.cpp
  - JDK-8220657: JFR.dump does not work when filename is set
  - JDK-8221340: [TESTBUG] fails after fix for JDK-8219562
  - JDK-8221342: [TESTBUG] Generate Dockerfile for docker testing
  - JDK-8221710: [TESTBUG] more configurable parameters for docker testing
  - JDK-8223108: Test java/awt/EventQueue/ is unstable
  - JDK-8224502: [TESTBUG] JDK docker test fails with access issues and OOM
  - JDK-8225072: Add LuxTrust certificate that is expiring in March 2021 to list of allowed but expired certs
  - JDK-8227006: [linux] Runtime.availableProcessors execution time increased by factor of 100
  - JDK-8229868: Update Apache Santuario TPRM version
  - JDK-8231209: [REDO] ThreadMXBean::getThreadAllocatedBytes() can be quicker for self thread
  - JDK-8231968: getCurrentThreadAllocatedBytes default implementation s/b getThreadAllocatedBytes
  - JDK-8232114: JVM crashed at imjpapi.dll in native code
  - JDK-8233548: Update CUP to v0.11b
  - JDK-8234270: [REDO] JDK-8204128 NMT might report incorrect numbers for Compiler area
  - JDK-8234339: replace JLI_StrTok in java_md_solinux.c
  - JDK-8238448: RSASSA-PSS signature verification fail when using certain odd key sizes
  - JDK-8239105: Add exception for expiring Digicert root certificates to VerifyCACerts test
  - JDK-8242335: Additional Tests for RSASSA-PSS
  - JDK-8242480: Negative value may be returned by getFreeSwapSpaceSize() in the docker
  - JDK-8244225: stringop-overflow warning on strncpy call from compile_the_world_in
  - JDK-8245400: Upgrade to LittleCMS 2.11
  - JDK-8246648: issue with OperatingSystemImpl getFreeSwapSpaceSize in docker after 8242480
  - JDK-8248214: Add paddings for TaskQueueSuper to reduce false-sharing cache contention
  - JDK-8249176: Update GlobalSignR6CA test certificates
  - JDK-8249846: Change of behavior after JDK-8237117: Better ForkJoinPool behavior
  - JDK-8250636: iso8601_time returns incorrect offset part on MacOS
  - JDK-8250665: Wrong translation for the month name of May in ar_JO,LB,SY
  - JDK-8250928: JFR: Improve hash algorithm for stack traces
  - JDK-8251365: Build failure on AIX after 8250636
  - JDK-8251469: Better cleanup for test/jdk/javax/imageio/
  - JDK-8251840: Java_sun_awt_X11_XToolkit_getDefaultScreenData should not be in make/mapfiles/libawt_xawt/mapfile-vers
  - JDK-8252384: [TESTBUG] Some tests refer to COMPAT provider rather than JRE
  - JDK-8252395: [8u] --with-native-debug-symbols=external doesn't include debuginfo files for binaries
  - JDK-8252497: Incorrect numeric currency code for ROL
  - JDK-8252754: Hash code calculation of JfrStackTrace is inconsistent
  - JDK-8252904: VM crashes when JFR is used and JFR event class is transformed
  - JDK-8252975: [8u] JDK-8252395 breaks the build for --with-native-debug-symbols=internal
  - JDK-8253036: Support building the Zero assembler port on AArch64
  - JDK-8253284: Zero OrderAccess barrier mappings are incorrect
  - JDK-8253550: [8u] JDK-8252395 breaks the build for make STRIP_POLICY=no_strip
  - JDK-8253752: test/sun/management/jmxremote/bootstrap/ fails randomly
  - JDK-8253837: JFR 8u fix symbol and cstring hashtable equals implementaion
  - JDK-8254081: java/security/cert/PolicyNode/ fails due to an expired certificate
  - JDK-8254144: Non-x86 Zero builds fail with return-type warning in os_linux_zero.cpp
  - JDK-8254166: Zero: return-type warning in zeroInterpreter_zero.cpp
  - JDK-8254177: (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2020b
  - JDK-8254683: [TEST_BUG] jdk/test/sun/tools/jconsole/ fails
  - JDK-8254982: (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2020c
  - JDK-8255003: Build failures on Solaris
  - JDK-8255226: (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2020d
  - JDK-8255269: Unsigned overflow in g1Policy.cpp
  - JDK-8255603: Memory/Performance regression after JDK-8210985
  - JDK-8255717: Fix JFR crash in WriteObjectSampleStacktrace due to object not initialized
  - JDK-8256618: Zero: Linux x86_32 build still fails
  - JDK-8256671: Incorrect assignment operator used in guarantee() in genCollectedHeap
  - JDK-8256752: 8252395 incorrect copy rule for macos .dSYM folder
  - JDK-8257397: [TESTBUG] test/lib/containers/docker/ refers to -Xlog:os+container=trace
  - JDK-8258630: Add expiry exception for QuoVadis root certificate

Notes on individual issues:

JDK-8254177: US/Pacific-New Zone name removed as part of tzdata2020b
Following JDK's update to tzdata2020b, the long-obsolete files
pacificnew and systemv have been removed. As a result, the
"US/Pacific-New" zone name declared in the pacificnew data file is no
longer available for use.

Information regarding the update can be viewed at

JDK-8259474: JDK time-zone data upgraded to tzdata2020c
The JDK update incorporates tzdata2020c. The main change is

* Fiji starts DST later than usual, on 2020-12-20.

Please refer to
for more information.

JDK-8259476: JDK time-zone data upgraded to tzdata2020d
The JDK update incorporates tzdata2020d. The main change is

* Palestine ends DST earlier than predicted, on 2020-10-24.

Please refer to
for more information.


JDK-8230839: Updated XML Signature Implementation to Apache Santuario 2.1.3
The XML Signature implementation in the `java.xml.crypto` module has
been updated to version 2.1.3 of Apache Santuario. New features

* Added support for embedding elliptic curve public keys in the
  KeyValue element

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