JEP 291: Deprecate the Concurrent Mark Sweep (CMS) Garbage Collector

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Wed Apr 5 16:05:56 UTC 2017

2017/4/5 1:29:28 -0700, aph at
> On 05/04/17 08:45, Roman Kennke wrote:
>> I'd say it's too early to talk about removing CMS. And, to be honest, I
>> even question the move to deprecate it. What's going to happen if
>> somebody actually takes over CMS maintainership? Un-deprecate it?
> Indeed.  We need to think about this first.  I expect that there
> will be someone interested enough to keep it going.

Since this JEP was posted last summer we've had several discussions
aimed at identifying a new maintainer for CMS, on the hotspot-gc-dev
list [1][2] and in open meetings whose minutes are attached to the
JEP issue [3].

So far, no one has stepped up.

If someone does step up soon then I expect the owner of this JEP will
withdraw it.  If someone does so later on then CMS can be un-deprecated
at that time.  In any case, Oracle does intend to stop maintaining CMS
at some point in the not-to-distant future, and if no one ever steps up
then we'll remove the code.

- Mark


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