Jemmy V2 - question (test-automation, blackbox)

Rev Kapuganti rev.sdet at
Mon Oct 1 14:17:46 UTC 2018

Hello Jemmy devs -

Firstly great work!  I understand that in order to use jemmy v2  - SUT(in
my case its a SWING front-end with ORPOS backend) needs to be launched on
the same JVM instance that the test runs. I have a question(related to
that). Any help/suggestion is greatly appreciated.

My app under test needs a config xml(that points to bunch of other config
files in the class path) along with JAVA OPTIONS passed to the main class
in order to get launched. Currently its a command line launcher through a
batch file.  How do I approach launching this via Jemmy tests?  I see a
ClassReference method - startApp, but does it support complex parameters
like in my case?

Thanks in advance, appreciate any help.


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