Question about FileManagers in Jigsaw.

Fredrik Öhrström fredrik.ohrstrom at
Tue Mar 13 05:35:55 PDT 2012

2012-03-12 21:12, Alan Bateman skrev:
> On 12/03/2012 14:23, Fredrik Öhrström wrote:
>> > Is it the -modulepath option that enables executing raw classes from
>> > disk, no jmod files, no installing of jmods into jvm? //Fredrik
> Yes, but it's not in yet. One important thing is that it should allow
> the base and other platform modules to be loaded from the module path
> and that would provide a possible option for bootstrapping the build.

2012-03-12 17:27, Jonathan Gibbons skrev:
>If -modulepath is set but not -classpath, then that implies multi-module
> mode.

It seems like -modulepath is needed to do multiple module mode
compilation in javac.
However -modulepath is not yet implemented according to Alan.

The obvious way to setup a compilation of the shuffled source code tree
is to use
multiple mode compilation. In particular if we are going to deal to
circular dependencies
between the modules. To the extreme, it should be possible to compile
the entire jdk
from a single batch javac call, the same way it can be done with the
build-infra repos.

For a more modular design of the makefiles (no pun intended) we would
like to split
the modules into several small makefiles, that share the same javac
server, to avoid
redundant implicit compilations.

But, since there is no -modulepath, is it possible to compile multiple
module mode anyway?

Or does single module mode, allow for a multiple module source path?

If these questions are both answered with nay, then it is impossible to
convert any makefiles
at this time, since the compiler is not done yet.


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