An exception has occurred in jlink

Wolfgang Weigend wolfgang.weigend at
Wed Nov 4 00:24:28 UTC 2015


with ";" jlink works perfect with jdk9-jigsaw-b83 :-)



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On 24/10/2015 17:32, Wolfgang Weigend wrote:
> Dear folks,
> I tried the jdk 9 EA jigsaw b83 with the quick start example as below.
> C:\>jlink --modulepath C:\projects\jdk1.9.0\jmods:mlib --addmods 
> C:\src\com.greetings --output greetingsapp
The path separator on Windows is ";" so replace this with "C:\projects\jdk1.9.0\jmods;mlib" and I expect it should be work. Also you might want to grab the latest download (based on jdk9-b86) to get the latest jlink.


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