Avoiding same-package conflicts

Karl Sanders karlsanders75 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 20:34:35 UTC 2015


I'm trying out the JDK 9 EA with Jigsaw.

I created two modules, A and B, which are required by module C.

Modules A and B contain a non-exported package with the same name.

After compiling each module separately I start module C and get a
java.lang.reflect.LayerInstantiationException saying that modules A
and B contain a package with the same name.

In light of this behaviour I have two questions.

- Is it correct to say that for a simple Java SE application to work
with this configuration the only solution, in the realm of what will
be provided with the GA version of JDK 9, is through the concept of
layers of modules?

- In that case will there be some sort of out-of-the box functionality
to have this scenario work or will I have to write some non-trivial
code to manage these layers?

In other words, I have to use different versions of the same library
in a Java SE application.
Since Jigsaw is approaching I thought I could wait for it instead of
learning and having to deal with OSGi.
But from what I see by using only Jigsaw I won't be able to satisfy
this requirement.
At least not without writing some non-trivial code that I'm afraid is
above my skill level.


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