JOSM feedback on Java 7,8,9, including Jigsaw EA

Vincent Privat vincent at
Fri Oct 30 15:29:23 UTC 2015

Following the recent inclusion of JOSM to the Quality Outreach list by the
Adoption Group, we have compiled every single Java issue we have
encountered, and reported when it was new, for the latest versions of Java,
on a single page:

We will use this page to coordinate our communication efforts with you. Is
it possible to add a link to it in the last column of the Quality Outreach

The list currently contains 29 unresolved items and 18 resolved ones.

I won't go through all of them in this e-mail. Ideally we'd like to see all
of them fixed in a future Java release but I will only focus on the most
important ones.

Concerning Jigsaw:
- We have reported 3 bugs. All made it to the public JIRA: 8138878,
8140477, 8140481. The second one is a bit problematic for our tests as it
basically kills our Jenkins instance. I see the two other ones are
understood/in progress. We will do more tests after we resolve the hanging
- We'd like to know if it can be expected to see the
package become a public JDK API, for example in We currently use it to generate a self-signed
certificate in order to create a local https server. That's our only use of
private JDK API.

Concerning Valhalla:
- I see some discussions about building the JDK with project Valhalla. Are
you going to provide public Early Access builds like project Jigsaw?

Concerning the JIRA database:
- Is it possible to add the label "josm-found" to
issues 8140481, 8139659, 8034224, 7158257, 7194099 ?
- Some issues didn't make it to the public JIRA and remained in the private
bug database. Can we please have more information on them (why have they
apparently been rejected)? The incident numbers
are JI-9009025, JI-9010791, JI-9009449, JI-9008003.
- Is it expected to allow external people to have the possibility to
subscribe to JDK issues?

Concerning our incoming migration from Java 7 to Java 8:
- I am concerned about three issues in Java2D/AWT on Linux. We have several
duplicate bug reports for them: 6322854, 7172749, 8098530. Can we hope for
a fix in a future update of Java 8?

- We had a terrible experience when trying to report a bug against JAXP. We
detected a severe data corruption problem in StaX when dealing with Unicode
SMP characters, so we reported it, including a sample Java program 100%
reproducible, in January 2013 (JAXP-76 on JIRA). As no activity
was visible on this JIRA instance, we tried to use the standard Java bug
report, three times, without success, with incident numbers 2431783
(2013-01-23), 2627098 (2013-10-28) and 9048481 (2014-11-28), without any
answer. On 2014, November 29th we discovered by chance that the bug had
finally been detected and fixed internally, as JDK-8058175 (created and
resolved in September 2014). We reported back to the public JAXP JIRA
instance, again without any answer. 6 months later we finally got the
ironic and laconic answer "Please report issues to the OpenJDK Bug System",
which was exactly was we were trying to do for 2 years! Can you please tell
us why our bug reports were all silently ignored while the bug was real,
and if is it still worth reporting bugs against JAXP? Thankfully we had far
better experiences with other components of the JDK.

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