Initial module-system design, API, and early-access builds

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Wed Sep 9 16:53:35 UTC 2015

I've just posted the following materials as starting points for the work
of the Java Platform Module System (JSR 376) Expert Group:

  - "The State of the Module System" [1], an informal overview of
    the proposed design.

  - An initial sketch of changes to the Java Language Specification
    and the Java Virtual Machine Specification [2].

  - A preliminary draft API specification [3], along with diffs
    against a recent JDK 9 build [4].

  - For the very brave, an initial prototype in both source [5]
    and binary forms [6].

(These links are also available on the JSR 376 web page [7].)

The initial design covers a lot of ground, yet it is far from complete.
There are many open issues, some of which are noted in the materials, and
it does not yet satisfy all of the requirements [8].

>From this point onward the JSR 376 Expert Group will focus on the overall
design, and on specific changes and additions to the Java SE Platform
Specification.  You can follow the EG's progress by subscribing to the
observer list [9].  Please do not comment on ongoing EG discussions here
on jigsaw-dev, and do not attempt to contact EG members directly.

Feedback on the EG's work should be sent not to this list (jigsaw-dev)
but to the EG's comments list (jpms-spec-comments [a]) for consideration
by the EG.  That list is not an open discussion list but, rather, a list
to which anyone may post but only EG members may subscribe.  It is,
essentially, the EG's "suggestion box".

This list (jigsaw-dev) will focus on issues outside the scope of the
JSR.  These include, but are not limited to:

  - The implementation of the JSR 376 specification;

  - The design and implementation of JDK-specific APIs and tools,
    as described in JEP 261 [b]; and

  - Questions about how to use the module system, as opposed to
    suggestions about how to change it.

Experience reports from early testers and adopters are, finally,
especially welcome.  Please try out the EA builds [6] and let us know
what you learn!

- Mark


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