It's not too late for access control

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Thu Jul 14 12:12:59 UTC 2016

On 14/07/2016 12:37, Robert Muir wrote:
> :
> Java 9 breaks log4j 1.2.x out of box. Think about how widely used that
> one is! And its no longer maintained!
> Sure, its only if you use MDC, and its not even Jigsaw that does it
> (relates to version changes). See
> if you want a hack.
> Its just an example of how much software won't work with java 9 out of
> box. Still looking forward to it!
Yeah, changing the version-string scheme, particularly dropping the 
leading `1.` has impacted a lot of libraries. Every effort was made to 
communicate that change and has all the others with significant 
compatibility impact. I would hope that most libraries that need update 
will be updated by the time that JDK 9 ships. Good point on unmaintained 


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