what is undesired usage of the Java API?

Jochen Theodorou blackdrag at gmx.org
Tue Apr 4 15:51:31 UTC 2017


I think the recent discussion about the agent loading mechanism do show 
one fundamental problem that many have with the changes through the 
restricted module system. That is, it is unclear what undesired usage of 
the Java APIs actually is.

So let me write down an unfinished list as discussion base (jigsaw):
(1) usage of internal modules, classes, methods or fields
(2) transforming any of (1)
(3) non-public elements are not to be accessed if normal Java does not 
allow for it

compared with my personal old list (javaSE):
* any sun.* classes

well.. my extended list actually was (library):
* any sun.* classes
* requiring agents
* requiring command line arguments
* requiring special configurations

And in my case, since I violate (1) in the jigsaw list, I get into 
trouble with my old library list. Which means I am in the confusing 
situation of having to do things now, that I considered bad before, 
because of jigsaw.

Anyway... I am sure the jigsaw list above is something to be refined and 
I would love to see people helping me with that.

bye Jochen

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